The market hours are back to normal, 8-12pm Saturdays, behind the Forest Public Library. Onlines orders are still being taken, or you can stroll through the market and shop, with social distancing still in place.

Here each week you will find what is available to purchase besides what I have on my regular store page.

I will be at the market June 6, and if all goes well June 20th. I can take preorders, or stop by to shop. No tea tastings yet due to Covid 19.

Saturday,June 6,2020

4inch Aloe Vera plants-$3, 6inch-$4, garlic chives 4inch-$3

6inch peppermint plants-$4,Fresh cut oregano,thyme, and peppermint,cilantro,dill,savory-$3, 4inch bee balm-$3

Dried oregano, three basil mix, chocolate mint,orange mint, peppermint,apple mint-$3

Italian seasoning mix(basil and oregano), and Scobourough Fair mix(parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme)-$5

And of course my harmonizing elderberry syrup-$6(recyclable glass bottle)

Fire cider-$5( recyclable glass bottle )

Phone consultations during covid- $15/half hour

I have papal on the site, or you can bring a check and or money upon pickup.

Thank you!

Questions, suggestions?

Please feel free to contact me.

Have some dietary concerns, questions about supplements, or in need of a consultation?

Don't hesitate, I cannot read your mind. Although it might be interesting.

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