The market hours are back to normal, 8-12pm Saturdays, behind the Forest Public Library. Onlines orders are still being taken, or you can stroll through the market and shop, with social distancing still in place.

Here each week you will find what is available to purchase besides what I have on my regular store page.

I will be available at the market on Sept. 12th, and Sept.26th. Holy Basil tea available to taste the 12th, and hibiscus tea the 26th. I will also have hibiscus flowers available to purchase, as well as holy basil.

What's new...

Gastric Ease tea for those that have heartburn, alot of stomach acid. It helps to ease acid, while healing the inner mucosal linings of the esophagus and stomach.

Tummy tammer tea helps with excessive gas, bloating after meals. It actually relieves gas while helping to digest better.

My cold sore remedy salve can be used for the cold sores caused by the herpes virus both in the mouth, and on the vaginal/penial areas.

Fresh basil available the 12th at $4/bunch.

Dried culinary herbs are $3 bag, and dried culinary jared mixes at $5. They are Italian blend, and Scoborough Fair blend.

Fresh sage, and thyme will be available at $3 bunch, and dill available the 26th.












I have papal on the site, or you can bring a check and or money upon pickup.

Thank you!

Questions, suggestions?

Please feel free to contact me.

Have some dietary concerns, questions about supplements, or in need of a consultation?

Don't hesitate, I cannot read your mind. Although it might be interesting.

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