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The Forest Farmers Market will be held  Saturdays from 9-12pm in the parking lot of the Forest Public Library. Winter markets will be held once per month with  April 6th being last one of winter markets.Regular season starts April 26th

Feb 10th I will be back from a rest. I do love to rest as the plants do. I will be having honebush( red tea ) with rosehips. The rosehips are high in vitamin C which is a delightful match to the antioxidants in honeybush.


Love me soap is still available containing rose petals, rose, clove, and cinnamon essential oils. A warming soap that will increase your circulation while showering you with love.Also I have a couple of soap samplers and tea samplers. Culinary mixes with dried culinary single herbs are always available.Fire cider, elderberry syrup available upon asking, cough syrups, moisturizing soaps, creams, salves.  I hope to see you there. I am grateful to be part of this awesome farmers market. I try to support most of the farmers in one way or another.

What's new...

CBD/THC Help Salve on the way!

Sending out the love tea consisting of hawthorn leaf and flower, holy basil leaf, passionflower flower and leaf, oatsraw, and lavender buds.Botanicals good for the heart, immune, and nervous systems.

Love me soap that contains the saponified oils of palm, oil, coconut, soybean blennded with cranberry powder as a vitamin C nutrient,rose petals, essential oils of rose,clove, and cinnamon.Warming, and circulatory stimulating helps you to love yourself.

Decongesting Rub is a salve used for congestion in the sinus,and or chest areas. Its is rubbed externally under the nose,or on the chest. Helps to break up congested mucus membranes helping us to expel mucous while also stimulating circulation in the area.

Brain Food Tea is a tea designed for supporting memory and cognition. It has botanicals  that actually cross the blood brain barrier increasing the blood flow.

It's main ingrediant is lions mane mushroom, which has been researched to help with alzheimer, and dementia, and has shown to regenerate nerve cells.

Gastric Ease tea for those that have heartburn, alot of stomach acid. It helps to ease acid, while healing the inner mucosal linings of the esophagus and stomach.


Tummy tammer tea helps with excessive gas, bloating after meals. It actually relieves gas while helping to digest better.


Cold sore remedy salve can be used for the cold sores caused by the herpes virus both in the mouth, and on the vaginal/penial areas.

I have papal on the site, or you can bring a check and or money upon pickup.Square is also available.

Thank you!

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