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Earth's Treasures are the botanicals housed by our planet, the Earth. They bring beauty, diversity, food, and the potential to harmonize,and bring into balance the human body. Each plant has it's own phytochemicals that perform certain actions on animal and human living cells. The plants produce these phytochemicals as secondary metabolites in response to outside factors such as disease, or invasion of a non friendly predator insect. This is a self preservation mechanism. It is these secondary metabolites that we can use in botanical medicine.My company teaches, and uses these botanicals for wellness both internally and externally. I also hold strong beliefs that the preservation and renewal of them, and the Earth are key to our survival.

   Each culture, every country, has it's own indigenous form of herbal wellness as told by history.Earliest records date back to 100 BCE, and herbal medicine remains today in the United States and every other culture of the world. The greatest of all Eqyptian physicians once said" it is the power of the truth that endours". The enduring truth that botanicals are still being used today for bringing balance and wellness to the body,mind, and spirit.

    Health is a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. All must be in balance in order for a person to be truly healthy. This is called homeostasis. Botanicals can assist the body, and the mind, but the spirit must be there. The spirit, or your life force, that wants to heal. You can connect with the plants, and they will raise your spirit as we are inter connected, and they bring a lifeforce of their own.

     I can provide the tools for a wellness therapy, but only you can have the spirit to accept them. I hope you do as once you open yourself to their life force, beauty, and versatility of plants, and truly believe these powers, then you may never want to return to your disconnection with them. I have formed a special bond with these plants, and I respect them, giving them their space, and not consuming them to depletion. I try to actually help them grow and shine by giving them food and love.

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