Please join me and many other holistic practitioners at the Festival of Light on Nov. 5th from 10am till 5 at the Bonsboro Ruritan Club. It will also be held Sunday the 6th from 11-5. There will be card readings, energy healing(rieki), sound healing( singing bowls), massage, and I will be doing tongue readings. Come and enjoy a day of spirit lifting energy.


I will not be able to hold a fall plantwalk. I have had health issues, and am just starting to come back from it being inudated with everything else. I will try to do some brief videos of some botanicals in my garden and yard. Still trying to figure out where they will be placed on the site. I will let you know when I know myself.


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Eight Years & Counting

What are the chances we can cut global emissions by 4.5 billion tons each year for the next 8 years to stave off cataclysmic climate change?

Human Population Collapse May Be Closer Than We Think

With 40% of humanity potentially migrating from the tropics to temperate zones, we could soon be at a tipping point for human population.

Why Isn’t It Getting Warmer?

Earth's Global Mean Surface Temperature is relentlessly rising due to global warming – or is it?

The Benefits Of Attracting & Living With Wildlife

You can derive many benefits from attracting wildlife to your backyard, besides feeling good that you are fighting habitat loss...

Regeneration: Paul Hawken's New Climate Roadmap

Paul Hawken's visionary approach to climate change weaves justice, biodiversity, equity & human dignity into a tapestry of transformation...

We Are The Architects Of Our Own Demise

How many more disasters will it require for the light to dawn in the minds of decision-makers that it's a matter of survival?

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Group

Let It Flow

Historic Investment Will Help Boost Habitat in the Everglades

The Decarbonization Imperative

New book from Lenox and Duff warns that time is of the essence if we hope to really stave off cataclysmic climate change by 2050.

The Challenges Of Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon capture & storage (CCS) could be part of the solution to the climate crisis, but the task is immense.

The End of Meat & GMOs

If only we could pay attention to the message for humanity of COVID-19: we are just the tip of biology on this earth...




Slaying the Dragon of Fossil Fuels: Are We Tilting at Windmills?

In trying to switch from fossil fuels to renewables, are we no better than Don Quixote himself as he tilts at windmills he only imagines to be menacing?

How To Cut Emissions By Half In Ten Years

Cutting emissions in half in a decade may not be as hard as we think, but we have to be proactive about it to make it work.

Why Healthy Soil Means A Healthier Planet

In the face of climate change, farmers and scientists are working to better understand how soil supports a healthy planet.

The Latest Solar Technologies Helping To Create A Greener World

Photovoltaic panels are far from the only choice these days when it comes to harnessing the energy from the sun's rays.

How To Implement Safe Cleaning Practices Into Your Home Routine

If you want to make the switch to using safer cleaning products in your home routine, it’s easier than you might think.

  Why You Should Teach Your Child to Recycle

Most kids learn that you should recycle plastic water bottles and paper — and that’s often the extent of their recycling education.

Seaweed To The Rescue? Reducing Methane Emissions One Cow At A Time

By adding a little seaweed to cattle feed, we could reduce methane emissions by as much as 80% worldwide.

Dance Until the Music Stops

What the 2008 financial crisis can tell us about global warming

Microplastics in Food, Water & Air: Can We Avoid Them?

You’re likely taking in tiny particles of plastics every time you eat, drink and breathe.

U.S. Groceries' Epic Fail On Reducing Single-Use Plastics

A report from Greenpeace shows every major American grocery chain—even Whole Foods—has a lot of work to do in reducing single-use plastics

Why Live Sustainably?

Ethan Goffman takes to the Soap Box to explain why and how he went green


The Public Health Impact of Vehicle Exhaust

An often overlooked externality of vehicular emissions is the damage they cause to public health.

Would "Forest Therapy" Work For Me?

Forest therapy uses immersion in nature to soothe frayed nerves and restore a sense of mental well-being — and has even been shown to boost our immunity


6 Ways to Conserve Water (and Still Have a Thriving Yard)

Saving water not only helps out your bank account, it’s also environmentally friendly and lowers the demand on the water supply.

Ranked: Which Diet Trends Are Eco-Friendliest?

If you think eating meat is OK for the planet, think again.

Why We Should Be Worried About Climate Change

Should we really be so worried about climate change? All signs point to a definitive yes indeed we should be worried and we should act now to prevent it.

Using Ground Cover To Protect Soil

Ground cover is low maintenance, clears the air, smothers weeds, keeps the ground cool, curtails erosion & enhances the beauty of surrounding landscapes

        American Botanical Council

      New Research Examines the Science Behind Superfoods.

     EurekAlert! June 7, 2021. New studies highlight the potential benefits of conventional “superfoods” including mangos and turmeric.

Natural Ways to Help Regulate Blood Glucose.

Natural Products Insider. June 29, 2021. Some supplements, including herbs and isolated compounds from botanicals, may help consumers manage their blood glucose as cases of type 2 diabetes continue to rise in the United States.

Gut Bacteria and Flavonoid-rich Foods Are Linked and Improve Blood Pressure Levels.

Science Daily. August 23, 2021. The results of a new study published in Hypertension have associated the cardioprotective effects of flavonoid-rich foods, including berries, apples, and tea, with changes in gut microbiome diversity achieved through metabolism of these compounds

The effect of garlic on vascular function: A systematic review of randomized clinical trials

Aged Garlic Extract Reduces Blood Pressure and Improves Gut Microbiota in Patients with Uncontrolled Hypertension


  An investigation into the stress-relieving and pharmacological actions of an ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) extract: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study


Clinical Trial Suggests Pomegranate Molecule Has Anti-Aging Benefits. Anti-Aging News. October 16, 2019. New data from a clinical study show that supplementation with urolithin A, a metabolite of ellagitannins found in pomegranates, may mitigate age-related functional decline of mitochondria and improve overall cellular health.


Study: Ashwagandha May Lower Stress, Improve Sleep. NutraIngredients-USA. October 11, 2019. The results of a double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical study link supplementation with proprietary ashwagandha extract KSM-66® to improved sleep and reduced anxiety in patients with insomnia.


Casperome, a Boswellia Extract, Provides Relief of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?By Josef Brinckmann
In this guest editorial, HerbalGram contributing editor Josef Brinckmann shares his experiences across decades of field work around the world and observations regarding the climate crisis facing the planet. The importance of a changing climate cannot be understated, and these changes have significant implications for the continued existence of flora and fauna.

Eating This Many Chili Peppers Linked to Lower Risk of Dying From Heart Disease.

December 16, 2019. A new study has associated people who followed a Mediterranean-style diet and who also ate chili peppers at least 4 times per week with a 23 percent lower risk of any cause death and a 34 percent lower chance of dying of cardiovascular disease than those who only ate chilis sparingly.


Sesame Seeds Could Reduce Knee Pain From Osteoarthritis. Medical Daily. November 5, 2019. A new study has linked supplementation with ground sesame seeds with reduced knee pain induced by osteoarthritis—a result credited to lower serum levels of the deleterious chemical malondialdehyde (MDA).


Tea for Type 2: Green Tea Triggers Gene Editing System for Diabetes Treatment. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. October 25, 2019. Researchers have developed a method by which cells were induced to secrete insulin based on the presence of a green tea metabolite known as protocatechuic acid (PCA).




Study: Cardiovascular Benefits of Beetroot Juice More Pronounced Among Older Adults Than Younger. NutraIngredients-USA. July 22, 2019. A new study investigating the effect of beet juice on the cardiovascular health markers of two different age groups has found that supplementation increases plasma nitrite concentrations and reduces diastolic blood pressure in both groups, but exerts a more pronounced effect in the older age group.

Eating Dark Chocolate Can Benefit Mood and Depression. Technology Networks. August 5, 2019. A new study investigating the effects different types of chocolate have on mood has found that eating any dark chocolate in consecutive 24-hour periods reduced the reporting of depressive symptoms by 70 percent; however, the biochemical basis by which this observation is occurring remains unknown.

Effect of oral phytoestrogens on endometrial thickness and breast density of perimenopausal and postmenopausal women: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Meta-analysis Supports Curcumin’s Anti-inflammatory and Metabolic Benefits. NutraIngredients-USA. August 26, 2019. Data from six randomized controlled trials have shown that supplementation with curcumin can increase levels of adiponectin, a peptide hormone that acts as an antagonist to insulin resistance and obesity.

Supplementation of garlic and coriander seed powder: Impact on body mass index, lipid profile and blood pressure of hyperlipidemic patients

New Study Explains the Molecular Mechanism for the Therapeutic Effects of Cilantro. Science Daily. July 22, 2019. A new research study published in FASEB Journal has uncovered the underlying mechanism by which a compound found in cilantro can bind to and activate potassium channels in the brain to mitigate seizure activity

Fig Extract Positively Influences Blood Sugar Levels. Nutraceutical Business Review. August 30, 2019. Data from a new study show that a proprietary fig extract standardized for abscisic acid was able to improve blood sugar and insulin profiles—key metrics for staving off type-2 diabetes.

What Are Cannabis Flavonoids and Why Are Researchers So Interested in Them? Green Entrepreneur. August 22, 2019. The legalization of cannabis in Canada has paved the way for phytochemicals known as cannflavins to be researched for their potential as painkillers several times more potent than aspirin.